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The ministry and mission of our East Trent churches has never been more needed: meeting online or in church for prayer, services and fellowship, loving our neighbours by offering practical support to the vulnerable, and caring for our communities. The work of our churches is reliant on people’s generosity, particularly as we have lost several of our regular income streams since being in lockdown, owing to the cancellation of weddings and other events, and we are so grateful for all the gifts we receive. This generosity is a hallmark of a lived-out faith and a testament to it. If you are able to give to us now, here’s how you can help.

If you would like to join the planned giving scheme for one (or more!) of our churches, please contact us and you will be put in touch with the PCC treasurer.

If you would prefer to make a one-off gift or to set up a standing order, we hope that the details below for all our churches will help you.

  • Please add "WEB DONATION" as the Reference for your transaction.



Acc Name:  Besthorpe Church Account

Sort code:  09-01-51

Acc Number:  70958302



Acc Name:  Parochial Church Council of Collingham

Sort code:  20-50-21

Acc Number:  80825409



Acc Name:  Girton Parish Church

Sort code:  09-01-51

Acc Number:  70068307



Acc Name:  Harby & Swinethorpe PCC

Sort code:  60-13-15

Acc Number:  00817791



Acc Name:  Holme Church

Sort code:  40-34-08

Acc Number:  40446092



Acc Name:  St Bartholomew Church Langford

Sort code:  40-34-08

Acc Number:  01184377


North & South Clifton

Acc Name:  PCC North and South Clifton

Sort Code:  30-95-88

Acc Number:  00175490


South Scarle

Acc Name:  South Scarle Church Fund

Sort Code:  09-01-51

Acc Number:  62068301



Acc Name:  Thorney Church General Fund

Sort Code:  30-95-05

Acc Number:  00188271



Acc Name:  Parochial Church Council of Winthorpe 

Sort Code:  40-34-08

Acc Number:  53012344