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East Trent Churches


April 2018

Dear Friends,

You’d better watch out and be careful not to fall for any tricks on Easter day this year, because it’s on April 1st, April fool’s Day.

It’s a great day to celebrate Easter, because what could be more foolish than believing and celebrating that Jesus died and rose again? What could be more foolish than finding an empty tomb and believing a stranger who tells you that Jesus, who was definitely dead and buried, was alive? And yet, on the first Easter morning, that is what a group of women did. Indeed, when they ran back to tell the men what had happened, the men didn’t believe them but said they were talking nonsense, foolishness.

Thankfully, events unfolded, Jesus appeared in different places, walked and talked, cooked and ate with his friends, invited them to check that he was real and blessed them. Gradually, more and more of them believed the foolish thought of a man dead, buried and alive.

Thank God they did, because as the real knowledge of resurrection grew and spread throughout the world, so did the knowledge that we are made for life and love and that death cannot have the last word.

This isn’t about what happens when we die; this is about new and better life in the here and now. This is about believing the foolishness of hope over despair, it’s about believing in justice, making life better for the poor and it’s about living generous lives, knowing that Jesus died and rose again for everyone.

This is about the foolishness of daring to stop building up our own egos and pride and working to build up other people to make the world a better place.

If this is really foolishness, then let’s be fools all year round.

Have a very happy and blessed Easter.

Revd Mandy.