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East Trent Churches


February 2019

Dear Friends

The New Year isn’t quite so new now, but I do want to wish everyone a good 2019. As time passes, what goes through our minds? The comedian David Baddiel tweeted this New Year thought just how much harder is putting on my socks going to get? Well the passing of time and growing in maturity brings its challenges but it is to be welcomed. Our hearts have been broken by the loss of young lives and young and old have come together to support each other.

In February, our Christmas celebrations culminate when we remember the occasion when Mary and Joseph took the six week old Jesus to the temple, to give thanks to God for him. They were met by Anna and Simeon, who were both well on in years and who rejoiced to see the baby.

This is a beautiful picture of young and old coming together and recognising God’s presence and God at work. It didn’t mean that everything was going to be easy; Simeon tells Mary that her heart will be broken as he thinks about what will happen to Jesus when he grows into a young man. Letting God in on our lives doesn’t make everything cosy and nice, in fact it can bring more challenges, but it does bring purpose, strength and joy. Simeon said now I can die happy, because I’ve seen the child Jesus and I know that God is keeping his promises.

So as we face this year with all its heartaches, national uncertainty and possibly sock related problems, let’s determine to work together, to support each other, to welcome strangers and to let God in.

If you want to read the story of Simeon and Anna, Mary, Joseph and Jesus, it’s in the Bible, in Luke’s Gospel chapter 2, verses 22 to 40.

If you want to hear more about it and join in the candle lighting service, do come to church on February 3rd.

God bless you all

Revd Mandy.