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East Trent Churches


October 2018

Dear Friends,

I’m pleased to say that the clock at All Saints, Collingham is working well and chiming out the time on the quarter of every hour. In the early hours of the morning those chimes remind me that it’ll soon be time to get out of bed. The chimes though, don’t always agree with the digital display on the bedside clock and they don’t always agree with the dial on my wristwatch. This means that on Tuesday mornings in Collingham I sometimes stand a bit uncertainly at the back of church waiting to begin the service. When is it actually the start time? Is it when the chimes begin to sound ten o’clock or when they stop? Or should I ignore them altogether and go by my own watch?

Well time is a strange thing isn’t it? It doesn’t always seem to obey rational rules. In the dentist’s waiting room, or when we’re waiting for health test results, the minutes can tick by so slowly, but when we take an important exam, an hour can rush scarily past, and we might feel as though we’re racing the clock. In the moment of falling in love, a first kiss or witnessing a baby’s first smile or a glorious sunset, it’s as though time stands still.

This month, time gets even more bizarre because we turn it back for one hour, so don’t forget to change your clocks before you go to bed on October 27th. This means one long night, which is good if we can have a good sleep, but it’s not so good for shift workers who have to work an extra hour and it brings in a sunshine reduced season of shorter days.

This month, the minutes and hours which are measured by digital numbers, hands on a dial and the church clock chimes will be vital to us so that we can get to school, work and harvest festivals on time. October is a busy month at the start of a busy autumn and winter.

Let’s hope that in the business ruled by calendars and diaries, we’ll find the space for time to stand still occasionally.

God bless you

Revd Mandy.