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East Trent Churches


June 2018

Dear Friends,

The green season has arrived. Hedges and trees are so abundant with fully grown leaves that we can’t see beyond or through them. The earlier downpours of snow and rain have given us lush green grass, where last month colourful spring flowers dominated. Even in church the altars and priests are dressed in green.

As well as being a green season, in church we call this time of year “ordinary,” which puzzles me a bit when it is so wonderful, but there aren’t any major celebrations like Christmas or Easter so we celebrate God’s ordinary, everyday goodness.

And do you know, ordinary, everyday things are really worth celebrating?

Think again of the trees, which flourish every summer as though it’s a quite ordinary thing to do. They outlive kings and queens, governments and wars and they will carry on flourishing long after we’ve gone.

Or think of the ordinary things we enjoy every day: an early morning cup of tea and elevenses are favourites of mine.

Or think of the people we share our ordinary lives with and those we remember. Once we start to think about our ordinary everyday blessings, we’ll be surprised at how many there are and it’s worth taking a bit of time each day to think about them and to be thankful.

Now not everything about this month is ordinary, so please join in the extra ordinary events:

On June 3rd, it’s the South Scarle Tractor run and in the afternoon it’s our final prayer and pilgrimage walk from Thorney to Swinethorpe. If you’ve not been on any of the other walks, do come along on this one.

On June 17th it’s Father’s Day, so watch out for what’s happening in church. In the afternoon of that day, please come along to Hymns and Pimms in South Clifton, Dads and everyone else are most welcome!

On June 19th, it’s Winthorpe Church’s 130th anniversary and everyone is invited to the celebration service at 7pm. Bishop Tony is coming to preach and preside, so let’s make sure he has a good welcome.

I hope you all enjoy the ordinary and extraordinary things of this month.

God bless you

Revd Mandy.